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Are you looking for a personal injury lawyer in Greensburg, PA? Clients in and around Westmoreland County trust E. David Harr Attorney at Law. For injuries due to someone else’s negligence speak with our lawyer about representing you in court to fight for compensation.

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Falls, Accidents, Negligence, and More May Cause Personal Injury

Many of us experience unexpected hurt and trauma in life. But, it is possible to prevent falls and accidents from occurring. When this type of injury occurs, it is usually due to negligence. State laws entitle you to compensation for emotional, mental, and physical anguish if someone else’s negligence is the cause.

Whether you have been the victim of a slip-and-fall accident or injured in a car accident, attorney E. David Harr is here to help. We fight on behalf of clients throughout the greater Greensburg region and are always available to take your call.

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The thing about most negligence cases is that you cannot predict when they will happen. Occurrences like slip-and-fall are the very definition of accidents. Therefore, it is wise to have a personal injury lawyer on your side. However, calling it an accident does not mean there is no culpability. No one means for an accident like a slip and fall to happen, but there are steps to take to avoid an accident. If a property owner fails to take these steps, you may have grounds to file a negligence case.

Attorney for Slip-and-Fall Accidents and More

Slip and fall accidents are more common than most Pennsylvania residents realize. All it takes is an unshoveled sidewalk, a water spill, a grease spot, or an uneven walkway to cause a preventable fall. Such a slip-and-fall injury will likely incur medical bills that your insurance company will force you to pursue in court. Take proactive measures and call an experienced personal injury lawyer for aid while seeking compensation for a slip-and-fall accident.

Consult with Attorney Harr for Injuries Resulting from Negligence

There are hundreds of scenarios that can qualify as negligence cases. To prove negligence, you need to show that an accident was preventable. This can be difficult for the victim to do alone while recovering. E. David Harr will gather evidence and pursue a strong case in court. Residents of Greensburg, Murrysville, Latrobe, and surrounding areas of Westmoreland County, can contact our office today for a free consultation. Trust the experience of E. David Harr when you need a personal injury lawyer in Greensburg, PA.